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  • What is Contract for Difference (CFD)?
  • Which countries allow CFD trading?
  • What fees are involved in trading CFDs?
  • Compared with options or futures, what advantages do CFD have in hedging the risks in relevant asset?
  • Will the relevant asset be included in the calculation of margin?
  • Do I have the right to control relevant asset when trading CFD?
  • Compared with the transaction of relevant asset, do CFD have any advantage?
  • What is relevant asset?
  • Does CFD have due date?
  • Can I establish any transaction when the market of specific CFD is closed?
  • Will CFD be more active in some time?
  • Does CFD need to trading in a certain interval of time?
  • How is the liquidity of CFD trading?
  • What is the smallest price movement of CFDs?
  • Do positions have any restriction?
  • Is the profit of CFD unrestricted?
  • How fast will the execution be?
  • Will slippage happen?
  • Will Pacific Exchange re-quote the CFD?
  • What is fair value?
  • Does CFDs are regulated by government regulators?
  • Where does the price of CFD originate from?
  • Will my loss be greater than my deposit?
  • Will my margin requirement be reduced if I try similar hedging products?
  • Will the margin requirements be changed?
  • Is CFD provided with initial and maintained margin?
  • What is margin?
  • What kinds of people are trading CFD? Small-scale investors or Large-scale institutions?
  • How many accounts do I need to establish so that I can trade different types of CFD?
  • What does “basis point” mean?
  • During the transaction of CFD, how many contracts do I trade?