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Membership Classification

Exchanges, investment banks, securities and futures commission merchants, currency exchange companies, funds, trust and insurance sales organizations, bulk commodity exchanges and service agencies, precious metal exchanges, and other financial companies belong to products members that have the following functions:

1. The products members are the suppliers of the products of the exchange and provide other members with the designated area of product liquidity.

2. They have supervised financial license and are the members of the local exchange.

3. The local statues, supervision department and exchange of the licensed organization allow them to develop global clients, and they can participate in the competition in offer among products members.

4. The member company that provides exchange traded product and meets the local supervision regulation that customer equity and working capital are supervised separately shall be within the top 50 companies in the country/region in terms of financial strength.

5. The quotation of electronic trading is supervised by the exchange platform, and the transaction price among members shall be rational and fair. Phenomena, like slippage, float point difference or delayed transaction, shall not occur.

6. Deliver the trade category with delivery settlement, the entity, the security, or other similar things to the holder. Members complete the delivery between each other on their own, or sign the cross-system trusteeship agreement.

7. The technical connection between the member and the exchange platform can be realized, and the transaction can be down in 0 second.

8. Other assets under the trust of the products members and their own assets shall be managed separately.

9. Pay the transaction cost (exchange levy, commission, point difference, etc) to the exchange or other brokerage members.