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Membership Requirements

Membership requirements of the exchange

1. The applicant must be a limited liability or unlimited liability company registered with the government individually or jointly.
2. The applicant must be a financial company which is provided with the business qualification issued by the local government, and the certificate issued by the supervision organization of the government has to be specified.
3. The business plan of the company must be submitted to the exchange.
4. The stock exchange only accepts corporations to apply for membership, rather than individuals.
5. The applicant has to meet the requirements in terms of the local qualification and working experience.
6. The asset and financial accounting of different member companies have to meet the requirement of the exchange.
7. The well-established system about risk management and internal risk control must have been acquired.
8. Some professional organizations or experts must be appointed to complete the application on behalf of the applicant, and the organizations have to provide the opinions about audit. The professional organizations and experts accepted by the International Stock Exchange include: international accountants, international lawyers, and members recommended by the stock exchange.
9. The business certificate must have been issued by the supervision committee, and the types, functions, products and business scope of the members have to be specified.
10. The seat certificate is issued by the exchange; the exchange is connected with the membership platform; the seat number is appointed; the settlement member certificate is issued by the asset management center; and the settlement account is opened in the settlement institution.
11. The members have to design the website which may be linked to the website of the exchange and where the transaction license and the specific business scope of the authorization can be checked (the authorization may be checked according to the number and company name).
12. In the exchange, the transaction number is the basis for members to complete settlement, to perform the settlement responsibilities, and to pay the charges and fees to the exchange.
13. To rent the transaction system platform of the exchange, the members have to pay the installation cost, monthly rent, server procurement cost and trustee fee on time, and authorize the exchange to include them in the server cluster for the purpose of unified management. Each member company must have 2 servers at least.
14. Audit and inspection must be carried out annually, and the supervision committee has to decide whether to continue licensing according to the compliance condition.
15. The applicant must handle the customer complaints properly.
16. The applicant must pay the seat cost and annual inspection expense to the supervision committee of the International Stock Exchange.