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Unit Authorization

The transaction unit indicates the basic business unit applied for to the exchange after the member obtains a seat in the exchange. In order to carry out transactions in the market of the Exchange, the members and the approved organizations not only have to apply for a seat, but also have to apply for the authorization of transaction unit to the Exchange. The transaction limit of different products is fundamental of member management. The first time of application is based on the business scope of the company applying for original license, and the transaction unit is the technical carrier of the transaction authority. The participation of members in transactions and the management of membership authority are realized by means of the transaction unit.
Members undertaking different businesses in different areas, such as local/global securities, local/global futures, forward, options, foreign exchange, bulk commodities, precious metal, bonds, and funds, have different kinds of authority. Members shall complete transactions by the specific transaction unit. According to different types and functions of members, they are managed with different degrees of authority. The exchange sets the following service authorities of transaction unit for the members according to the business scope approved by the supervision committee:

1. The transaction of one type or several types of security (futures, forward, foreign exchange, CFD, precious metal, bulk commodities bonds, funds, etc) or specific type of security (futures, forward, foreign exchange, CFD, precious metal, bulk commodities bonds, funds, etc);
2. The authority of products of products members;
3. Appointing the counterparty;
4. Quoting the specific products;
5. Undertaking the transaction of specific product;
6. Setting the authority of hedging transactions in the system;
7. Setting the management authority of the electronic platform. According to the application from the members, the exchange provides transaction units with the following functions to use the resources of the transaction system of the exchange and to obtain the services of the transaction system:
   a. Allocating electronic transaction number according to the declared transaction instruction;
   b. Obtaining transaction rewards and providing customers with the management services of account opening, cash depositing, transaction and settlement;
   c. Obtaining the real-time situation, transaction information and relevant press release;
   d. The graded authority and interface between the membership platform and transaction platform
8. Obtain other service authorities provided by the transaction system of the exchange.
The transaction units set for the members are connected with the transaction system of the exchange, and the members undertake the transactions via the transaction units. The authorization of capacity-increase of the transaction units shall be applied for to the supervision committee, and the charge for use of the transaction unit, procedure cost, flow cost and other charges shall be paid to the exchange after the supervision committee approves. After that, the exchange will update the seat and add a new transaction authority for the member.