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1. Supervision committee of the exchange
CEO-- Executive Committee--Department of Affairs (with Licensing Department), Department of Audit and Supervision, Financial and Administrative Department, Human Resources Department, and Compliance Department

2. Pacific International Unit Exchange Limited
(1) Trading center-- including European trading center, American trading center, Asia-Pacific trading center, Department of Regulation and Supervision, Department of Development, and Department of Risk Management
(2) System information center of the trading platform -- technology and support of market data system, technology and support of actual transaction system, technology and support of derivative transaction system, technology and support of settlement system, equipment management center of trusteeship server, and safety guarantee support of transaction system
3. Settlement institution authorized by the exchange
Settlement center -- including stock settlement center, futures settlement center, commodity and precious metal settlement center, assets management department, physical delivery department, representative department, Asia-Pacific settlement center, American settlement center, and European settlement center.