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All the corporation groups that are provided with the financial license by the government from the whole world can apply for the membership of Pacific International Unit Exchange Limited. The unit exchange only accepts corporations to apply for membership, rather than individuals, and only supervises the transaction, settlement and delivery done among the members, rather than the assets and transactions of the customers of the members.

The companies that are qualified for the application are listed as follows:
1. Stock exchange and securities brokerage firm;
2. Futures exchange and brokerage firm;
3. Foreign currency exchange, trading company and brokerage firm;
4. Commodity exchange and the institution authorized by the exchange;
5. Precious metal exchange and the institution authorized by the exchange;
6. Investment bank;
7. Various insurance companies and brokerage firms;
8. Trust company and sales company;
9. Fund company and sales company;
10. Investment and financing institution / financial consulting company;
11. Public company;
12. Currency exchange company; 
13. Finance company;
14. Other financial service companies, etc