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Role and Function

Functions of Pacific International Unit Exchange Limited 
1. Provide places and facilities for transaction.
2. Make business rules for the exchange.
3. Accept the launch application, appraisal and approval of products of the products and comprehensive members.
4. Organize and supervise transactions.
5. Establish a member association to supervise the members.
6. Establish an independent research and development institution to innovate the financial products.
7. Appoint and entrust a settlement institution.
8. Manage and publish market information.

Pacific International Unit Exchange Limited is a market for circulation and transfer. The effects of the trading market are:
1. Providing convenient and sufficient trading conditions for various types of product.
2. Providing public, impartial and sufficient price competition for various transactions to find a rational transaction price.
3. Disclosing the information timely, accurately and completely.
4. Providing safe, convenient and fast transaction and settlement service.