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Pacific International Unit Exchange Limited (hereinafter referred to as "the exchange”) is a mechanism of exchange with membership system. It’s supervised by the supervision committee. It practices several systems including transaction on exchange and over-the-counter transaction and serves the financial institution members. The members of the exchange are divided into five types: products member, brokerage member, self-operating member, investment member, and comprehensive member.
Pacific International Unit Exchange Limited, known as "the exchange in the exchange”, only provides financial services instead of products. The exchange strictly requires that the products provided by the products and comprehensive members must satisfy the business scope. Include but are not limited to global stock, global futures, foreign exchange, global bulk commodity, global bond, global fund, various kinds of precious metal, CFD, various kinds of option and forward transaction, etc.
In case that several member organizations provide the product quotation to the unit exchange, the platform of the exchange will compare the quotation with that provided by other members automatically, and the one with more favorable time, price and trading volume can reach a deal; as an independent third party, the exchange will supervise the transaction time, transaction type, transaction price, transaction quantity, transaction funds, settlement and delivery.
Pacific International Unit Exchange Limited has globalized transaction types and currency settlement and practices a transparent auction and quotation system.